Truly unique liqueur from South Tyrol


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This delicious cocktail liqueur from South Tyrol delights all chocolate lovers and is perfect for refining various desserts.
Freshly bottled and labeled by hand directly in our Innsbruck store, only after you place the order.

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Alcoholic strength: 17% Vol.
Weight: 0.42 kg
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Tirol geniessen guarantee:

  •  Sustainable production in Tyrol 
  •  Buy directly from the manufacturer 
  •  Fast & safe shipping 
  •  Free shipping from €100 to AT & DE (from €250 rest of EU) 
  •  Money back guarantee

A South Tyrolean liqueur specialty for those with a sweet tooth. Mild rum, high quality cocoa beans, fine alcohol and a bit of sugar are the ingredients for this exceptional chocolate cocktail liqueur. Its full aroma and hearty chocolate flavor make this liquid chocolate a real treat.

Each ‘Tirol geniessen’ bottle is freshly filled and labeled by hand just for you – the freshness and uniqueness of the Tyrolean nature can be tasted in each drop of this spirit specialty.

Enjoyment tip from Tyrol
Enjoy this South Tyrolean Tartuffetto pure with ice cubes, served in a Bombardino liqueur glass. It also pairs perfectly with vanilla desserts or ice cream.
Scent: complex , intense , pleasant , refined
Taste: complex , creamy , delicate , mild
Finish: intense , long-lasting , refined , wide
Drinking temperature: between 12° and 16°C
Drinking suggestion: in cocktails , in the coffee , pure , with ice
Pairs well with: baked goods , desserts , vanilla ice cream
Occasion: birthday , for the best friend , gift

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