Summer Freshness Jam

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This fruity and sweet Summer freshness jam from Tyrol is an irresistible mixture of oranges, lemons, lemon balm, and elderflowers.

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Summer Freshness Jam

When the hot summer sun melts the last snowfields below 2,700 meters and the Tyroleans finally swap their skis for swimsuits, then it is just the right time for the summer break. This delicious Tyrolean jam, made from elderflower, lemons, oranges, and lemon balm, provides a slightly sweet treat for the hot days.

Enjoyment tip from Tyrol
Try freshly baked rolls with this sour-sweet Summer Freshness Jam for your breakfast – a real summer feeling for your taste buds!

Summer Freshness Jam

Fruit (55% oranges, 33% elderflower juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate 12%), lemon balm, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, apple pectin gelling agent.

Calories per 100g: 238 kcal

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