Mountain Honey

The sweet ‘good morning’ greeting from Tyrol


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This unique mountain honey from the Tyrolean Alps is produced by Pitztal beekeepers without any additives, using only traditional methods.

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Mountain Honey

Not only mountain lovers, but also little honey bees are drawn to the breathtaking Tyrolean nature. They fly busily from one alpine flower to another to collect the nectar, which is then transformed in their beehive into an extraordinary mountain honey. Try this true specialty from the Tyrolean Alps!

A little note: the taste of our mountain honey can slightly vary from glass to glass. This happens because the bees collect flower nectar from different flowers depending on the season.

Enjoyment tip from Tyrol
This real mountain honey is a delicious addition to your breakfast routine. You can also try a spoonful of it in a herbal tea – it not only sweetens, but also wonderfully harmonizes the taste.